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You will soon find that we are a people driven with a passion for the things of God. Here you will find information about us, what we believe, our mission, our vision,
our ministries and our desire to impact people for the cause of Christ.
Listen to a message, read an article, check out what we believe, and then consider attending one of our weekly services. You will quickly discover a group of
individuals who are madly in love with Jesus and desire to serve him with contagious spirituality.

We live in a time of crisis! Uncertainty abounds. Fear grips the hearts of many. Our economy has let us down, our politicians have let us down, and world leaders have
let us down; but there is hope!

Come grow with us and discover the principals and scriptural insights that will empower you and your families to live the overcoming life of faith.

Christ can and will make a difference in your life!!!