Freedom Appointment

The Freedom Appointment is the prayer component of the overall Freedom in Christ approach. It is a prayer/repentance or “truth encounter” model rather than a “power encounter”.

Many of us long for transformative healing – the kind of healing that mends the wounds of the past, emotional disturbances, difficult issues of life, lies, sin and strongholds.

Let’s picture that healing process as a highway, one on which we journey with Christ all of our lives.  Prayer with a friend, a revelation straight from God,  an experience in worship, a sword-like word from the pastor, an inner healing session; these are all examples of healing events we may experience on our journeys.

Neil Anderson’s Seven Steps to Freedom serves as an effective on-ramp onto that highway to healing. The Steps address confession and repentance, the renunciation of idols, forgiveness of those who have hurt us and the closing of doors which allow entrance to the enemy.

Each step starts with a scripturally-based prayer of repentance which the freedom seeker prays as a general preliminary, asking the Holy Spirit to bring to mind the specific areas that apply to them. Then there are particular instances listed (usually with tick boxes) and a short written prayer of renunciation which the freedom seeker will use to deal with specific areas they want to renounce. Some sections also include doctrinal affirmations which are declarations of the freedom seeker’s choice and acceptance of primary scriptural truth set out in a very straightforward way.

The person going through the Steps is taking responsibility for their life and growth by asking the Lord to show them any area in their life where an issue needs to be resolved. They then choose to repent of everything the Lord shows them thus removing any grounds the enemy may have had in their life. It is based on James 4:7, “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Very simple and gentle – but amazingly effective!

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